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Why diverse talent matters for boards


Professor Paul Healy from Harvard Business School has surveyed over 2,000 directors of global companies about their boards' diversity, size and composition, internal dynamics, internal governance, and effectiveness.

He says an effective board should be seen as a team of people, rather than an exclusive club, with a varied skill set and not too many high profile members.

Also recommended is taking the time to understand the culture and  tone of the whole organisation rather than just the elite, and avoiding group think.

The Startup Board Report: Don't just appoint your mates to the board

A research report by Think & Grow and KPMG High Growth Ventures

Australia’s startup boards are predominantly recruited through the  referral networks of founders and investors — most of whom are men. This  lack of diversity and formal recruitment processes could be holding  back emerging businesses, according to a report from KPMG.

Seek out diversity of thought and collaboration


Helen Lee Bouygues, President of Reboot Foundation share her three simple habits to improve critical thinking:

  1. Question assumptions
  2. Reason through logic
  3. Seek out diversity of thought and collaboration

Critically important (But less obvious) elements of leadership team diversity


Fred Crawford of Alix Partners is concerned that a lack of diversity of background, experience, education and type of intelligence is a risk for effective organizational leadership.

The Stormtrooper problem: Why thought diversity makes us better


Diversity is what makes us stronger, not weaker. Biologically, without  diversity we die off as a species. We can no longer adapt to changes in  the environment. This is true of social diversity as well.

How do you support a diverse and inclusive culture, practically?


What practically can organisations do to improve diversity of thought today? Below are six things you can do now to take Diversity and Inclusion forward in your company.